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Personal Injury

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Advocate for You After an Injury

Let us fight for you in court while you recover

When you suffer a serious injury, it’s important to establish the facts of your case as soon as possible. That is why it is always in your best interest to contact an attorney immediately to help you deal with and prepare the facts of your case. At the law office of , we give you personalized and compassionate service at reasonable rates to alleviate your anxiety. Backed by 36 years of legal experience, including Attorney ’s years as an adjunct professor, we pledge outstanding communication to keep you informed on the intricacies of your case and to advocate for you effectively. We primarily focus on injuries suffered in auto accidents, but we also work with clients in other personal injury situations.

Aggressive representation for auto accident cases

The financial hit you take after an auto accident can be immense, especially if you suffer severe physical injuries in addition to the damage done to your vehicle. At our firm, a attorney analyzes the circumstances of your accident using a variety of innovative methods available to only a few lawyers. We determine the accident’s cause and who was liable. We hold that person accountable for poor driving or negligence. And we go after the insurance companies to make sure you recover damages to cover your expenses.

Get compensation for your injuries with the assistance of a personal injury attorney

We fight to reach settlements that benefit you and go to court when necessary to obtain appropriate compensation. When you work with us, you get the power of a skilled attorney who helps you recover damages for:

  • Medical expenses. We seek compensation for all of your hospital and rehabilitation bills, with the goal of protecting your financial state.
  • Vehicle damage. We determine the total damage done to your vehicle and ensure that you receive proper compensation for repairs or replacement.
  • Pain and suffering. The emotional and physical toll of a major car accident can be brutal. We look to recover damages for your suffering through monetary compensation.
  • Loss of wages and earning capacity. If your injury forces you to miss work, we secure financial compensation to make up for your lost wages.

Call our personal injury attorneys immediately

Call today at or contact us online to set up a consultation. We travel to other counties and across the state to speak with you and even come to your home or hospital room if convenient for you after an injury. We operate on a contingency fee basis in all personal injury cases, meaning you only pay fees if you recover damages. Our office is located just a block away from Junior College.

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