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Criminal Law

Obtain Strong Criminal Defense Strategies from an Experienced Northern California Attorney

Work with a criminal defense lawyer who believes in second chances for all

When you’re facing criminal charges, it is critical that you immediately contact a trustworthy criminal defense attorney. The law firm of has more than 36 years of experience representing clients in criminal law cases. Our thorough knowledge of the law, combined with Attorney ’s experience as an adjunct professor, enables our team to make persuasive arguments on your behalf inside and outside of the courtroom, as we keep you informed about the progress and outlook of your case. We strongly believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and we ardently pursue fair results for you.

Diligent representation for clients in a wide range of criminal defense cases

We represent clients in criminal cases against criminal allegations ranging from misdemeanors such as disorderly conduct to felonies, including murder and rape. Every criminal charge carries consequences. People convicted of felonies usually face significant prison time, hefty fines and probation. These penalties ruin lives, reputations and careers, so it’s important that you fight for your right to due process.

Working with a lawyer allows you to minimize or completely avoid these consequences. We use a variety of tactics to defend you, including:

  • Proof of entrapment. A common defense tactic for white-collar crimes or Internet crimes is to claim entrapment, which means that police set you up to commit a crime that you would not commit or did not intend to commit, or they put you in a compromising situation.
  • Invalidated procedures. Law enforcement officers must follow a number of procedures when making arrests for DUI or drug crimes. For example, in drug possession cases, police must have a valid warrant to enter your home and search or seize your property. Any evidence collected without your permission or without a warrant is ineligible to be used in the prosecution’s case against you.
  • Plea deals. You know through common sense that no attorney can promise a dismissal or not guilty verdict in every case. If one seems to do so, you know you are being conned. In situations where a dismissal or winning at trial is impossible, we craft persuasive arguments to convince prosecutors, judges or juries that you deserve leniency and a favorable outcome.
  • Prompt investigation. There is no substitute for promptly consulting an attorney and beginning to organize and prepare your defense. The police have a head start. Attorney helps you identify and employ the investigators and other forensic professionals to help you with your case.

Contact a criminal attorney right away

When you face criminal charges, call at or contact us online to set up a consultation. We assist people at our office near Junior College, but we also travel across California to provide legal counsel to anyone in need of high-quality, affordable criminal defense services.

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