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Simplifying the adoption process

The decision to adopt a child is an exciting one, but before you can bring home your new family member, you must overcome a variety of obstacles that stand in the way of all prospective adopting parents. The law office of Geoffrey C. Hutcheson helps you through the complicated adoption process so that you can enjoy your new life with your child. We understand the concerns you have about the cost of adoption and the paperwork that you must complete, but you can trust in our more than 36 years of legal experience and our significant knowledge of the adoption process to see you through, step by step.

The personal service of our Modesto adoptions attorney make the process easier

While the paperwork and legal process for adopting a child presents some significant challenges, perhaps the largest hurdle for potential adopting parents is the price of the adoption itself. To make matters more complicated, the state of California recently increased the adoption fee for parents looking to adopt. A lawyer in Modesto works with you to discuss affordable terms for your adoption and provides additional services in areas including:

  • Parental rights issues. In some cases, we must work to terminate the parental rights of the child’s natural parents or convince them to relinquish their rights.
  • Intra-family adoptions. We assist with grandparent adoptions, stepparent adoptions and adoptions by other relatives.
  • Independent adoptions. California does not discriminate when it comes to who may legally adopt a child. We help unrelated or unmarried individuals with the adoption process, as well as with Native American adoptions governed by the Federal Law and Tribal Law.
  • Obtaining child custody. We help you obtain legal custody of your adopted child after you complete the adoption process.
  • International adoption. A percentage of the adoption work we do is with international adoptions. Interacting with the State Department and the INS, as well as adhering to various international treaties requires a great deal of skill and persistence, which Attorney Hutcheson has in spades.

As your adoption law firm, our goal is to create an affordable way for you to complete an expensive process and to provide you with the resources necessary to carefully plan your adoption. We truly love seeing families come together and are willing to go the extra mile to fulfill all of the legal requirements so that you can enjoy the new stage of your family life.

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