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Common Questions About California Law

Answers from an experienced attorney in Modesto

Attorney Geoffrey C. Hutcheson understands that you likely have questions about our numerous practice areas. We have compiled a list of five of the questions most frequently asked by our clients. With our 36 years of legal experience, you can trust that these answers contain sound definitions and advice. Come to us whenever you have further questions.

Frequently asked questions about criminal defense, personal injury and business law

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What should I do if my car insurance company asks me to record my statement?

Don’t do it. Insurance companies typically only ask for recorded statements so that they have evidence in your own words to use against you later. You stand a better chance of obtaining more financial compensation by following standard insurance claim protocols and relying on your auto accidents lawyer to take care of the rest. If it is your insurance company you may be required to cooperate because of the insurance contract, but you should never do so unprepared.  We can help.

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What are some alternatives to business litigation?

It’s always preferable to avoid business litigation, as it is time-consuming and expensive. Other options include Alternative Dispute Resolution methods such as arbitration or mediation. These alternatives are less expensive and more efficient than normal litigation. We can help.

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What happens if a birth mother changes her mind about adoption?

The birth mother and father can legally change their minds at any time before their parental rights come to an end unless certain legal documents and procedures are followed to make their consent irrevocable without court approval. Adoptions are purely statutory and the procedures are complicated. We can help.

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The police want to search my home. Should I let them?

Never consent to searches, even if you are convinced of your innocence. Never provide a statement if you even think police suspect your involvement in a crime and clearly, if they read you your rights.  You can’t change their minds. Doing so forfeits a lot of the potential leverage you have in criminal defense trials. Any evidence police collect without your permission and without a valid warrant may not be used in the court of law.  We have provided information that could not be provided at the time the police investigate that does cause them to change their mind and to tell the D.A. not to prosecute you.  We can help.

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